DaZo Networks is a web development house, a management consulting firm and an advisor on business strategy. We identify opportunities, address challenges, and transform companies into success stories. Founded by David Zohar in 2005, DaZo Networks LLC focuses on transforming ideas to realities.

DaZo Networks provides website development and consulting services by bringing a network of professionals together to collaborate and materialize the ideas behind the vision which is set by the client. Our hands-on approach has helped solve complex problems by providing simple feasible solutions. DaZo Networks is experienced in the following areas: Website Development, Program Management, Marketing Management, Product Marketing and Development, Sales, and Business Intelligence.

We are committed to:

  • Transforming  ideas to realities
  • Highest standard of professional services
  • Helping organizations excel
  • Developing organizational trust & integrity

DaZo Networks specialized with WordPress custom website development using toolset

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David Zohar

David ZoharDavid brings years of experience directing international programs with Fortune 500 companies, as well as private medium and small sized businesses.  David developed and enhanced business relationships with customers in over 50 countries. His vast experience managing communication platform programs have made him an expert with online communication platforms and email distribution.

David’s career spans across multiple business disciplines including general management, sales, marketing, professional services, engineering and operations. His technical knowledge coupled with his strategic management experience enables him to simplify complex problems and lead teams to successfully achieve their business goals.

Management Consultant and Website Development

David helps companies identify weak spots in their businesses by performing an onsite analysis of their processes, organization culture, political dynamics, marketing strategy, and ROI. He provides a detailed action plan to address identified issues, improve processes, and strategize on marketing to improve the bottom line.

With great passion for technology he develops enticing and functional websites which greatly enhance the client’s brand thereby ultimately leading to increased business engagements.


While holding various management roles, David led international cross group collaboration programs including, nonexclusively, Microsoft’s technical newsletters (TechNet and MSDN), Microsoft’s first global virtual academy (Ramp Up), and Microsoft Windows international bug analysis platform.

Positions he held while at Microsoft include:

  • Audience Marketing Manager (IT Pro and Developers)
  • Marketing Product Manager
  • Program Manager

Excel Data (CompuCom)

As a contractor for Microsoft’s David helped Microsoft’s Support Services to plan, deploy, implement, and manage chat and live meeting services around the world using online collaboration platforms. As in any large corporation, the support services department is an essential element in keeping happy and satisfied customers. David managed the cross group collaboration program that made live meetings the tool of choice for remote assistance with Microsoft’s call centers around the world.

Interwise (AT&T)

David helped change the world and the way we communicate online. David implemented and deployed online communication platforms with Pfizer, SAP, Avanade, Accenture, and Microsoft, as well as other fortune 500 companies. In the late 1990’s David successfully led online live communication projects, a technology which was merely in its’ early development stages and changing the way we communicate was a great challenge. What started as an e-learning platform delivering live webcasts to hundreds of participants around the world soon transformed to what is today’s online communication which is used by millions of people including technologies such as, VoIP, video conferencing, and screen sharing.

Other experiences

David also held other positions with small companies which include:

  • Board President –  Non profit organization
  • Board Director – Non profit organization
  • Marketing Manager – Fine art gallery
  • Marketing Account Executive – Below the Line (BTL) advertising
  • Sales Manager – Apple consumer products
  • Refrigeration Technician

David holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Management and an Associate Degree in Aviation Technology

He loves motorcycles and boats, but most of all he loves his family