Business Requirements

Need to develop or procure software, system or process?

Let DaZo networks develop your business requirement.

DaZo Networks  develops Business requirements which provide value. Products, systems, software, and processes are ways to deliver, satisfy, or meet the business goals. business requirements gathering and documentation is a required step for a successful development and implementation of a business solution.


Our team will prepare a detailed document outlining the following*:

  • Business context, scope, and background, including reasons for change
  • Key business stakeholders that have requirements
  • Success factors for a future/target state
  • Constraints imposed by the business or other systems
  • Business process models and analysis, often using flowchart notations to depict ether ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ business processes
  • Logical data model and data dictionary references
  • Glossaries of business terms and local jargon
  • Data flow diagrams to illustrate how data flows through the information systems (different from flowcharts depicting algorithmic flow of business activities)


* as each engagement  is unique our documentation will be tailored to the client’s needs