How to select web hosting services

Selecting a hosting service for your website can be an overwhelming task as the options out there are limitless.

So what should you know on how to select a web hosting service?

1. Selecting technology

Start by determining the technology you want to use. By default most of hosting service providers have two types of servers to select from:

  1. Windows server
  2. Linux Server

Before making a decision on one or the other consult with your web development team what platform to select for your website.

2. Shared hosting or a dedicated server?

Based on the intended usage of your website you need to determine if you need a dedicated server or a shared server.

Shared hosting means that you share space on a server with other clients such as yourself. Other users of the same server cannot access your space (folder), however you all share the same hardware. That means memory, CPU, bandwidth, and more are shared.

Dedicated server means that you and only you have access to the hardware and software on the server and you don’t share it with anyone else.

3. Virtual server or physical servers?

Other factors to consider include virtual servers vs. physical servers. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and you should discuss this with your web developer to find the best solution to your website.

Some of the virtual servers offer a pricing per usage, so if you don’t have much traffic on your site, this might be the better option for you. However if you expect to get heavy traffic to your website you should consider cost, scalability, and a physical server.

4. Hosting package

Most big hosting providers have various packages addressing common needs. When selecting a package ask yourself if you are going to have one website or multiple websites on your hosting service.

5. Database

To stay dynamic and enable various features that help your website stay modern and fresh, you need a platform that connects to a database. Otherwise your website will stay static and boring over time, and traffic and user engagement will diminish.

So, if you concluded that you need a database take into consideration that some hosting services limit the number of databases and limit the size of each database. Some even limit the number of tables you can have in each database. This can cause a denial of service if you don’t pay attention to the contract details.

6. Limited or Unlimited package?

With each hosting package you can get a number of unlimited or limited features. For example unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, or limited disk space and bandwidth. The number of features that can be limited or unlimited can grow long very fast and can be very daunting. Before you jump to a decision consult with your web developer about what is right for your website.

7. Security and data restoration

To be safe and keep your website from hackers or been hijacked you need to be assured that your hosting service has some features in place for reducing the risk. While no one is really 100% bullet proof you need to know that recovery of your website is available and easy to get. Most of the hosting services will have a 24 hour backup of the server and will be able to recover your data. Make sure that this is available before selecting your hosting service.


Selecting a hosting service is something that requires some thoughts and investigation. Without the proper knowledge one might end up with a service that is good for a short period of time but limit the growth of your website if needed. Yes, it is possible to upgrade a package or move to a new service provider however this is a hassle and can sometimes be costly. Build the right plan from the outset based on how you would like to see your website grow over the next two to three years. Call the sales team of the hosting services and ask as many question as you can.

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Disclaimer: This article outline the basic items to consider when selecting web hosting services. This article does not claim to cover all the areas that require a consideration when selecting a web hosting service and does not cover cost associated with web hosting service. the author of this article recommend to consult with a professional before selecting your web hosting service.