Dofonity and DaZo Networks Strategic Partners


Dofinity, a software, web and mobile, “artisan” solution provider and leader in driving the digital retail vision, recently selected DaZo Networks as a strategic partner for its North American market. DaZo Networks is the first beachhead in Dofinity’s North American market penetration. “It was clear to us from the onset that DaZo Networks both shares our value of uncompromising excellence and has the entrepreneurial spirit required to claim a share of the market”, says Udi Golan, Dofinity’s CTO. DaZo will also manage the North American accounts and will provide support to existing clients.

“We are happy with this new partnership, it has the hallmark of a win-win. While we gain access to a new market with a trusted partner, DaZo can extend its service portfolio and have access to our, for example, state-of-the-art digital retail solutions,” says Ido Dardikman, Dofinity’s COO.  Additional satellite business services, such as: internet marketing (SEM/PPC), branding, positioning, marketing strategy (planning) and creative and storytelling will also become available, as part of Dofinity’s augmented service offering.”


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If you are interested in our services or, know someone who might be, please contact David Zohar of DaZo Networks or call 514 571 2130.